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Welcome to Lakeside Little League!

Please SAVE THE DATE for the events listed below.   More information will be added soon.  Questions can be emailed to:

These events are facilitated by your Lakeside Board of Directors to create fun spaces where our baseball community can get to know each other, players can augment their interest in baseball outside their team, and generate fundraising revenue to support capital improvements at Granite Bay Community Park and Ronald L. Feist Park.  

So, if you are new to Lakeside, WELCOME, we are thrilled to have you here and thank you for choosing Lakeside Little League for your player's baseball adventure!  If you are an old-timer, ready for another season?  We sure are!  Let's play ball........

Team Pictures Saturday, 3/30/19
Home Run Derby Saturday, 4/6/19
Lakeside Night at Grizzly Park Friday, 4/12/19
River Cats Little League Day Sunday, 5/5/19
Denim & Diamonds Friday, 5/10/19


Let's Play Ball!

Equipment Drive

Fun for All!

Players Run the Bases!

Seats sell out fast!

Date Night!

A little help goes a long way......

Lakeside Little League does not have any employees. 

It's ALL volunteers.   

If you would like to help a little (awesome!) or a lot (awesome!), then please email:

Thank you.