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Lakeside LL Scholar Athlete Program

Lakeside Little League would like to recognize more than just the athletic talents of our players. Starting in the 2019 Spring season, our athletes 4th grade and higher, will be awarded for their academic excellence.  We recognize that it takes special dedication and focus to maintain academic excellence while also committing many hours each week to baseball practice and game day preparation. 


The Lakeside Scholar Athlete Award will be presented to each fourth grade and higher athlete in our program who has earned the equivalent of a GPA of 3.5 or higher during the baseball season.  The medal is presented to each qualifying athlete by their manager at the end of the season.

Qualifications for awards are listed below:

Gold Medal 4.0 GPA
Silver Medal 3.70 - 3.99 GPA
Bronze Medal 3.50 - 3.69 GPA

2019 Scholar Athletes

Name Team Award
Jacob Olberding Juniors Blue Jays Gold
William Armour 50/70 Rockies Gold
Drew Collopy 50/70 Rockies Gold
Brody Redline 50/70 Rockies Gold
Caleb Luby Majors A's Gold
Nico Miniati Majors A's Gold
Austin Norquist Majors A's Gold
Grant Blackburn Majors Giants Gold
Matthew Heiskell Majors Indians Gold
Adejare Williams Majors Indians Gold
Sebastian Johnson Majors Rays Gold
Grant Longoria Majors Rays Gold
Carson Ogden Majors Red Sox Gold
Ethan Rogers Majors Red Sox Gold
Wade Schroeder Majors Red Sox Gold
Owen Thomas Majors Red Sox Gold
Benjamin Calia AAA River Cats Gold
Davison Gotwals AAA River Cats Gold
Christian Schutte AAA River Cats Gold
Brad Trythall AAA River Cats Gold
Andrew Wang AAA River Cats Gold
Austin Lawrence AAA Rubber Ducks Gold
Dylan Martone AAA Rubber Ducks Gold
Spencer Longoria Juniors Blue Jays Silver
Tyler Norquist Majors A's Silver
Michael Pixton Majors A's Silver
Kyle Radavice Majors A's Silver
Devan Wilson Majors Giants Silver
Evan Thomas Majors Indians Silver
Faith Myers Majors Red Sox Silver
Gihan Liyange AAA Muckdogs Silver
Augie Paul AAA Muckdogs Silver
Ryder Conley AAA River Cats Silver
Luke English AAA River Cats Silver
Santiago Rose AAA Rubber Ducks Silver
Jack Ghufran Juniors Blue Jays Bronze
Sam Murray Juniors Blue Jays Bronze
Colton Snyder Juniors Blue Jays Bronze
Dylan Cook Majors A's Bronze
Elijah Paul Majors Giants Bronze
Nathan Brennfleck AAA Marauders Bronze
Hayden Miller AAA Muckdogs Bronze
Logan Hovde AAA River Cats Bronze
David Andersen AAA Rubber Ducks Bronze
Tyler Neumann AA Iron Birds Bronze